Growing Lavender in Ontario

Lavender grows in zone 5, which is common in parts of Ontario.

Lavender is native to the Mediterranean area. It is a bushy shrub and in the wild, lavender has a sprawling habit where the flowers are born on the edges of the plant. Those compact round plants with their halo of flowers are the result of the work and care of the grower.

Lavender grows in zone 5, which is common in parts of Ontario. It can tolerate winter temperatures as low as -16 degrees C but this number would be affected by the amount of snow cover, wind and moisture in the soil.

Lavender thrives best in full sun. In situations where there is less sunlight, the plants may be affected in terms of the amount of flowers per plant and the general size and well-being of the plant. It prefers a pH of 6 or slightly above but can tolerate slightly lower pH.

We have tested a number of varieties in Ontario for winter hardiness, colour, size and aroma. Detailed information about lavender cultivars, cultivation, pruning and harvest can be found HERE.

For an introduction to commercial lavender production, click HERE.

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