OLA Member Benefits
OLA Member Benefits

OLA Membership Benefits

The Ontario Lavender Association (OLA) was created to represent the needs and interests of the Ontario lavender industry. Our mission is To grow a prosperous and vibrant Ontario lavender industry, together.

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Why Join?

  • Non-profit
  • A powerful network of growers, processors, suppliers, retailers, craftspeople, business, researchers, academics
  • A network for information sharing, research and project collaboration
  • Encourages public interest in lavender and lavender by-products
  • Supplies knowledge regarding propagating and growing lavender
  • Promotes and brands through Lavender Ontario
  • Actively advocates for the benefit of lavender industry growth and development
  • Providing Access to Government
  • Open access to farm programs funded by the government
  • Education and professional development
  • Agri-tourism
  • Support human resource and operation management

The Purple Road

Full members of the OLA automatically become a part of The Purple Road, the public face of our association, and our online guide to lavender farms and lavender businesses in Ontario. As a full member, you get a listing, and a dedicated page on our website, where we upload your original content including images, bio, and links to your website. You can also use this area to post announcements about events you may have over the course of the season. Associate members are also included on our website, in the OLA Members List, where you can include your logo and a link to your website, but only full members become part of the Purple Road. Note that opportunities to participate in print materials featuring The Purple Road may occasionally arise, and may incur additional cost for farms wishing to be included.

Members-Only Content

Entering the Members’ Portal opens up additional content in:

Lavender Buzz

All members gain access to special “members only” educational and informational content on this website.

Membership unlocks a special category of articles on Lavenderpedia called “Lavender U” with advanced research information from the University of Guelph and Dr. Sean Westerveld, developed with the OLA to help optimize methods for growing lavender in Ontario. 

The category “OLA Members Only” on Lavender Buzz includes information and announcements especially important to growers, producers, and retailers of lavender, and owners of agri-tourism destinations. 

Lavender Ontario Logo

Members can proudly display the logo on their website.OLA

The logo of the Ontario Lavender Association is an official mark of the association which symbolizes professionalism, high standards and a focus on plant development. Guidelines governing its use are spelled out in this policy.

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