Lavender Hill Hippie

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Lavender Hill Hippie
Durham, Ontario
Lavender Grower
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A few years ago I stumbled across a UK television program with Architect George Clark called Build a New Life in the Country. He followed people as they left their city jobs and moved to a rural setting for a better way of life. There was something in each episode that drew me in ~week after week~ the landscape, the country settings, the gorgeous stone cottages…I wanted to change the course of my life. I wanted a garden. I wanted the deafening sound of a country summer night and the still silence of a country winter…What I got was this little piece of land covered in parts with streams of lavender!

Today Lavender Hill Hippie sells its dried- and culinary-lavender harvest alongside a unique selection of lavender products at local markets, at a seasonal farm gate/roadside stand, and online.

Specialties include:
Culinary Lavender
Lavender Tea
Candied Lavender
Lavender Jelly
Lavender Marmalade (a Lavender Hill Tradition since 1990s)
Dried Lavender
Lavender Bouquets
Lavender Sachets
Luxurious Lavender Bath & Spa

Visit our website to discover our next local market and for a peek into Lavender Hill Hippie Building a New Life in the Country.